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Multi-Family Real Estate Investments

High Yield Passive Cash Flow & Long Term Capital Appreciation

21 George Investors

21 George Investors is a privately held investment firm focused on income producing multi-family real estate opportunities with value add components in specific US emerging markets.  By leveraging industry expertise we have implemented a proven proprietary system focused on market knowledge, asset analysis, and asset management allowing us to provide high yield passive cash flow and long-term capital appreciation investment opportunities.

21 George Investors are capitalizing on unique, highly profitable opportunities created by the recession of the past, and the demographic shift towards the rental market.  Our proprietary system not only offers high yield passive income, but also — through our extensive, conservative analysis and best in class asset management — protects against uncontrollable risks inherent in other investment platforms. 

Being a family owned Investment Company, 21 George Investors promotes open communication to their investors throughout all stages of the investment and asset acquisition process.  Our success and reputation are built on our responsibilities to our investors, and the communities we invest in, to always operate with honesty, integrity, and knowledge.

Our mission is to provide investors with high yield passive cash flow and long-term capital appreciation through analyzing, managing, and financing new urbanist real estate in emerging US markets with an environmental mindset.

Why Multi-Family Real Estate

Demographic trends, favorable lending, and the ability to add value to a tangible asset makes multi-family real estate a desirable investment. Read More…

Investment Approach

Our superior market knowledge, asset analysis, and asset management minimizes risk while providing high yield investments. Read More…

Invest With Us

We are a full service multi-family investment firm offering passive investment opportunities to investors looking to capitalize on the current market trends. Read More…

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