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Our Investment Approach

Strategic Real Estate Investments

Investment Approach

Market Criteria

Current Markets: New England secondary cities, nationwide high growth submarkets.

We analyze the following:

  • Job growth

  • Diverse local economy

  • Economic activity and incentives

  • Transportation

  • Rental trends and new construction

  • Demographics

  • Local leadership

Acquisition Criteria

Asset Size: 5+ units in New England; 50+ units nationwide

Asset Type: C – B+ asset in C – A+ community

Occupancy: Prefer stable assets (historically 85%+ occupied); will do lower occupancy in New England.

Target Returns and Investment Period:

  • 7%+ Cash on Cash Return
  • 15%+ IRR
  • 3-7 year hold (target 5 years).

General Criteria:

  • In markets path of progress
  • Value add component
  • Purchase below market value (as determined by market study or independent appraisal)
  • Meets targeted returns

Asset Management

  • Management begins during the acquisition process.  We implement a complete due diligence period before acquiring a new asset.
  • Due Diligence
    • Financial review
    • Physical and environmental inspection
    • Legal review
  • Any necessary property specific reviews
  • Develop a management strategy specific to each asset.
  • Develop a knowledgeable team local to each market we enter.

Invest with Us

  • 21 George Investors’ offerings are made under Regulation D Federal Securities Laws
  • 21 George Investors provides an in-depth Investment Summary on an asset-to-asset basis so potential investors can decide if the opportunity fits their investment needs.
  • 21 George Investors provides all SEC compliant legal documents.
  • During the holding period, Investors receive monthly asset reports and distributions.

Invest Through Retirement Accounts

  • 21 George Investors accepts investments made through self-directed IRA accounts.
  • Real Estate offers tax-deferred investments through IRA accounts.
  • 21 George Investors can offer assistance to investors looking to invest through their IRA account.

How to Get Started

Fill out and return our qualified investor form and we will start sending you investment opportunities.

If you are not ready to fill out our qualified investor form, join our mailing list and we will reach out to you.   We will set up a meeting to provide more information on what we do and what you can expect when investing with 21 George Investors.  We will educate you on the process and address any questions you might have.  Investing with us is easy!  We offer complete transparency and provide all the legal documents needed in order to invest.  Our team is highly educated and can help with all real estate investment needs.

Have More Questions,
or Ready to Get Started? 

Fill out and return our qualified investor form to have investment opportunities sent to you.  OR, contact us to join our mailing list and learn more about 21 George Investors and how we may be able to assist your real estate investment needs.

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