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Why Multi Family Real Estate?


With the current state of foreclosures leading to stringent residential financing requirements minimizing the pool of credible homebuyers, Baby Boomers — now empty nesters — looking to downsize, and Millenials paying off student loans delaying home buying, demographic trends show today’s two largest generations — totaling approximately 1.6 billion people — are shifting towards the rental market.  With low income earning lifetime renters already occupying a significant portion of the rental market, the rental demand continues to drive unprecedented rental growth.

Favorable Lending

With uncertainty in the global economy leading to a volatile stock market, interest rates remain low.  Taking advantage of low interest rates helps maximize cash flow.

Tangible Asset

While the barriers of entry for most investment vehicles are determined by The Market, with Real Estate being tangible, values can be negotiated allowing investors to acquire assets below market value.  Having a hard asset also allows competent asset managers to add value directly to the asset rather than relying on appreciation.

Our Service

Asset Acquisition

 21 George provides a complete acquisition process.  We start by identifying a market that fits our criteria, build a knowledgeable team within the market, and then identify assets congruent with our investment approach.  Before acquiring an asset, we do an in-depth due diligence including conservative financial underwriting, a physical and environmental review, and a legal review.

Asset Management

21 George offers best in class asset management that begins before the acquisition.  We utilize industry expertise to develop a management plan specific to each asset to maximize value and return on investment.  We provide the investors with the plan before acquisition and offer monthly financial and value-add progress reports during the holding period.

Competitive Returns

Returns vary on an asset-to-asset basis.  21 George provides an initial Investment Summary outlining the projected returns specific to an investment opportunity.  Investors are provided monthly financial reports and distributions during the holding period as well as appreciation upon resale.

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